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  • Cameron Bertrand

    on August 9, 2021

    I’ve had the absolute pleasure of attending The Catalyst Effect events and trainings all over the country !!!! No matter the city, no matter the environment, no matter the demographic , this team makes an IMPACT that is LIFE CHANGING!!!! If you aren’t ready to have to your life manifest before your eyes as your mind and ideas will be challenged and called to action, you better buckle up !!!! I’ve registered youth groups , community leaders and organizers , to six figure business owners and they all have walked away from every single interaction with this organization feeling like they have been given something money can’t buy : a vision . I am a testament to exactly what this organization aims to achieve in our community and I am thankful for the blessings and resources they have bestowed upon me !! Thank God for the Catalyst Effect !!!

  • Shelley Haywood

    on July 22, 2021

    I have taken several trainings through the Catalyst Effect with Cortez Higgs as the facilitator. Every single course was transformational! I have learned about my identity, my personality, career, leadership style, character strengths/ weaknesses, and so much more. His trainings not only are transformational and enlightening, but help to build self-esteem, as well as, personal confidence. I highly recommend any and all of his empowerment training courses. You will be EMPOWERED!!!

  • Abigail Phillips

    on July 21, 2021

    The Discover class really helped me dig in and learn who I am and how to authentically be myself and live out everyday for God in the way He designed me rather than trying to fit everyone else’s mold. I honestly don’t even have the ability to condense my words here to explain the depth of what happens in discovering yourself. I know that I still use the information I learned in that class as tools to help me continue to grow. So thankful!

  • Kimberly Holliday

    on July 19, 2021

    What can i say other than Amazing!!! The Catalyst Effect under the Leadership of Cortez Higgd is an outstanding Organization that shows TRUE TRANSFORMATION of at risk Youth that is simply filled with the Holy Spirit. His leadership program is so educational and eye opening. It truly brings you in line with your God given purpose and equipts you with the skills and techniques needed to be a successful leader. And what can be said about his Team other than they are examples of their leader, helpful, kind sand Excited about serving the Community.It was a wonderful experience and i am looking forward to attending other programs offered through this orginization. Keep up the Good Work and God Bless.

  • Lovely Rose

    on July 19, 2021

    Coach Cortez is AMAZING, I had the opportunity to hear him speak and not just speak but show compassion in what he does. Cortez, knows how to command your attention when attempting to bring out the best in you, he is truly authentic in his speaking and the understanding of his works or purpose. Coach Cortez has created a platform that helps others build, build their confidence, stretch their endurance, enables others to be motivated and believe in themselves, & teaches others to learn how to "PUSH" forward and NEVER give up. Demonstrating how a flea in jar adapted to the confinement of his habitat but never gave up.

    Many can talk but not have substance to hold you or move you, however, Cortez has the ability to move you, challenge you, and make you feel like you can. That is an awesome feeling when you don't know which way to go in life. He has given others the ability to have that "Can Do" spirit/feeling. He speaks life into everyone he encounters and that speaks volume when speaking into or over peoples lives.

    You are truly amazing and I am grateful to have met you and look forward to many more speaking opportunity engagements with you!!

  • Brittany Beldy

    on July 19, 2021

    Coach Cortez Higgs is an amazing person and his coaching skills are exceptional. He challenges me in every area that I need growth in and he does it with compassion while pushing me to be a better version of myself. He does not let me settle for less than my best. He sees the potential in me and helps me recognize that for myself. He has no hesitation with telling you like it is- he is real, authentic, and helps build your confidence. He helps me recognize the qualities and character I need help building in order to get the success I want in life. If you are serious about growth in any area of your life, Coach Cortez is the man for you! He can help you make transformational changes in your life. He is also wise, a great listener, and is always speaking life/positivity!

  • Lisa Marchand Tucker

    on July 18, 2021

    Coach Cortez and his Discover class have changed my life. Learning to fully embrace my identity and purpose, there’s no going back. I now have a vision for my life and I am intentionally taking steps to walk that out. I knew there was more to living life to the full than I was living, and this class helped me see what that really means.

  • Jay Jones

    on July 18, 2021

    I took the Discover class with Coach Cortez and continue to have thought provoking, honest conversation with Coach and there is something in me that makes me want to say you HAVE to engage with the Catalyst Effect and all the support they offer. However, a person does not HAVE to do anything, but if you are looking at your life, situation, circumstances and say there has got to be more then you WANT to engage with the Catalyst Effect. For me, Discover was an honest retrospective evaluation of myself, something that I never recieved from all the self-help, purpose driven books that I have read. Taking this course gave me freedom to live intentionally, allowed me to offer myself a little grace and to acknowledge (and work to remove) some barriers that have bound me. The growth I have seen in this process lets me know that I can't grow to my full potential on my own, I need accountability partners, people that will pray over me, check on me and people that grow to love me enough to not leave me where I am. Coach always holds me accountable and without that I would lack the growth that is helping to heal wounds and to be EVERYTHING God wants me to be when He thought of adding me to His beautiful masterpiece.

  • Victoria Bergstrom

    on July 18, 2021

    I am forever grateful for Cortez and The Catalyst Effect! When I first took the Discover course, I was depressed, anxious, and felt like my life had no meaning or purpose. I was in the most turbulent season of my life. After finishing the course, I left with a vision for my life, hope, and purpose. Through that course, many self discoveries were made that Cortez and The Catalyst Effect team helped me walk through with personal training. The team has challenged me and pushed me past where I thought my limits were and now I am growing more confident everyday in every area of my life - my relationship with God, relationship with myself, work, friendships, leadership, etc. If you want to have a more effective and meaningful life, contact TCE!

  • Claudia Higgs

    on July 18, 2021

    I have seen first hand the many lives The Catalyst Effect has encouraged and empowered. Their empowerment training sessions, commUNITY service/events, youth engagement, professional development workshops, and the many other services they provide are truly transformational and will prompt you to action. If anyone is looking to discover more about living life on purpose that will bring personal fulfillment and give your life meaning, I strongly recommend and encourage all to take a chance with The Catalyst Effect!
    Five ⭐️s indeed!

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