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Silence EMPOWERS Violence...Break The Code!

*Newport News 2016 statistics: 31 homicides, 15 remain unsolved (NNPD)

*Nationwide statistics: Over 200,000 violent crimes are unsolved since 1960 (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

-Bureau of Justice Statistics attributes a majority of the unsolved murders to the lack of community cooperation with police.

THE PROBLEM: In Newport News Virginia and many other cities across the nation, communities are experiencing the negative effects of the “stop snitching/snitches get stitches" movement. People, young and old alike, are proudly and openly promoting, glamorizing, and living the “stop snitching/snitches get stitches” motto. Stop Snitching/Snitches Get Stitches IS a threat and means people who tell on someone for doing something bad (committing violence) will get hurt. This pro-bullying movement is poisoning mindsets and negatively affecting the behaviors of millions. Ultimately, the snitches get stitches campaign is unapologetically dividing and destroying communities (schools, churches, neighborhoods etc,) across the nation.

THE SOLUTION: The “Silence Empowers Violence...Break the Code” movement was created by The Catalyst Effect to be the ANTIDOTE for the stop snitching epidemic. *Silence EMPOWERS Violence is about bringing AWARENESS to the fact that: being quiet or not speaking up when you hear about or see ANY type of violence being committed will continue to give those people permission and power to continue threatening, hurting, or killing others. Break The Code is about ACTION. Starting January 1st 2018, The Catalyst Effect team will begin engaging  hundreds of willing participants ages 10-17 , in youth-led Community Care and Action Teams. These teams will focus on creating and implementing community initiatives  centered around the Silence Empowers Violence...Break The Code movement. 

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