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Theme: Silence Empowers Violence...Break the Code!

CommUNITY Contest Logistics

*CommUNITY Idea: Participants will create an idea that brings youth and or the CommUNITY together around the Silence Empowers Violence…Break The Code awareness to action message and movement. Each idea must incorporate the responsibility of the community to speak up about the violence portrayed in the community and how it is our civic responsibility to speak out against it as silence empowers it to keep happening without repercussions. The idea can include but is not limited to a community service project, block party, cookout, sports event, talent show, etc. Entries are limited to middle and high school students and a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winner will be chosen from each group.

*CommUNITY Proposals: Each participant must submit a written entry with specific details of the proposed idea. The entry must contain the following elements: Event name, event lead and contact information, team members and responsibility, goals, and objectives of the event, date & time, location, develop a master plan, budget, finance plan (how will the event be paid for), partnerships, and marketing and promotion plan. The entry must also include a written narrative to explain why the event is important, how you will get the buy-in of the community, and how this event correlates with the Silence Empowers Violence message/mission/movement. Lastly, the proposal must also include how the success of the event will be measured and a follow-up plan to track the outcomes related to the proposed goals and outcomes.

*CommUNITY Submittal and Judging: Each completed proposal must be submitted electronically to thecatalysteffect4u@gmail.com no later than 11:59 pm on November 7th. The subject line of the email must include Silence Empowers Violence CommUNITY Contest Entry. Completed proposals will be reviewed and four entries from each grade level will be invited to present their idea at the Expo before a panel of judges. Each presentation will be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes and props can be used. The top 3 entries from each category will be announced in the awards ceremony portion of the Expo. You must be present to win.

*CommUNITY Prize: A 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winner will be chosen from the middle and high school group. Cash prizes AND a starter grant will be awarded. The grant will be awarded once the final details of the event have been submitted and confirmed. If the event is not executed within six (6) months, the grant will be forfeited.

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