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Empowerment Training Courses

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Our short-term Empowerment Training Courses are custom designed to have a significant, lasting and positive effect on the character and development of its participants.  Each lesson is created and developed with a unique perspective and strong emphasis on practicality that will assist participants in making a thorough change in their thought process, attitude and behavior.

Our training courses also help strengthen the skills, competencies and abilities of people, companies and organizations so that they can OVERCOME the causes of their exclusion, suffering and limitations.

Ask yourself: Are you in need of SIGNIFICANT & LASTING change (transformation)?  Are you seeking to be more confident, purposeful or effective in life?  Are you limiting yourself when it comes to getting the most out of life's experiences?  Are you tired of running the rat race of life?  If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above: THE CATALYST EFFECT CAN HELP!

We have over 15 years of training experience in Leadership Development, Organizational/Business Structure and Development, Personal Life Discovery, Personal Growth and Development & Community Impact.  (All courses are available for youth and adults)

Classroom (Group) Empowerment Training / Personal (One-on-One) Empowerment Training / Public Speaking Experiences.

EMPOWER-  (Summer) Youth Development Training

2017 Summer Empowerment Training #1

2016 Summer Empowerment Training

DISCOVER- Personal Life Discovery Training Course (Youth & Adult)

IGNITE- Leadership Development Training Course (Youth & Adult)

IMPACT- Youth Empowerment Training, Mentoring & Coaching Program

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