The Catalyst Effect  team creates, develops, and facilitates extraordinary Leadership, Youth, Personal and Professional Development training programs. Each training program encompasses an empowering life perspective and places a strong emphasis on practicality. Willing and Committed participants develop a high level of consistent character and make a thorough change in their thought process, attitude, and behavior. Ultimately our training services help youth and adults strengthen various competencies so they can overcome the causes of their exclusion, suffering, and limitations.

"Speak Life"- Inspirational & Motivational Speaking

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Our speakers have over 20 years of experience speaking on a myriad of topics. It is with great passion that our speakers easily connect with and engage any audience, compelling them to make a change for the better. Our speakers do more than just disseminate information, with integrity and enthusiasm, they provide life-transforming insight and wisdom that empowers.

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"EQUIP"- Professional Development Training

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Our professional development training course assists individuals working in company’s and organizations across the nation to improve in knowledge, skills and character, ultimately increasing workplace morale, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Clientele: The Department of Justice Center for Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnerships, City of Newport News Public Schools, The Department of Human Services Social Services Division, Choice Neighborhood Initiative-Newport News, Summit Christian Academy and a host of  other  Public/Private School, Faith-Based and Community Organizations across the nation.

"EQUIP"- Professional Development Topics

- Diversity- (Generational, Gender, & Cultural)

- Assessing Personality in the Workplace

- Team Building

- Cultivating Character

- Conflict Management

- Creative Problem Solving

- Accepting, Adapting, and Adjusting to Change

- Identifying Your S.W.O.T. (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)

- Vision & Mission (Casting & Connecting To)

- Interpersonal Skill Building- (Connecting & Communicating)

- Creating a Positive Workplace Culture (Morale)

- Evaluating Leadership Qualities, Principles, & Skills

- Establishing Healthy Relationships in the Workplace

- Effective Goal Setting & Strategy Techniques

- Increasing Your Influence

- Implicit Bias

- Recognition & Appreciation Strategies

- Creating Personal Core Values, Work Ethic 

- Discovering Motivation

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"DISCOVER"- Personal Life Discovery Training

DISCOVER Objectives:

- To train participants in fundamental self-awareness, governance and reflection techniques/strategies that WILL enhance ALL aspects of their life. (I.e.- career, relationships, state of mind/being etc.)

- To assist participants in learning something new about themselves. (I.e.- skills, interests, gifts, values, dreams, emotions, desires, passions, abilities, strengths, virtues, and loyalties, etc.)

- To assist participants in drawing out the deeply hidden plans & purposes of their heart. - To help cultivate a strong sense of identity in participants.

- To motivate and challenge participants to live their lives’ IN and ON purpose.

"DISCOVER" - Training Topics

- Discovering Your Life Learning & Intelligence Style

- Discovering Purpose

- Discovering Function

- Discovering Identity (Avoiding Identity Crisis)

- Discovering Personality I & II

- Discovering The Right Attitude/Mindset

- Discovering Character

- Discovering Social Skills

- Discovering Healthy Relationships

- Discovering Your Life Skills, Interest, Values

- Discovering Your Gifts/Talents

- Discovering Your Life Habits (Healthy & Unhealthy)

- Discovering Your Life Resources

- Discovering Your Dream/Passion

- Discovering Health & Wellness

- Discovering Personal Motivation (External Vs. Intrinsic)

- Discovering Leadership

- Discovering FREEDOM [From Past Pain, Hurt (Trauma or Failure)

- Create Personal Life Goals & Strategies

- Create Personal Life S.W.O.T. & Core Values

- Create Personal Work Ethic & Faith Confession /+Affirmations

- Create Personal Discovery Profile & Establish a System of Accountability

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"EMPOWER"- Character Development Training

*Empower Objectives:

-To help participants strengthen and develop a high level of consistent character so they can OVERCOME the causes of their exclusion, suffering, limitations and behavior.

-To train participants in comprehensive and effective strategies to succeeding emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually in life.

"EMPOWER" - Training Topics

-The Importance of Having Good Character I

-The Importance of Having Good Character II

-The Role of Personality

-The Principle of Right Thinking, Attitude and Speaking

-The Importance of Defining & Embracing Your Identity

-Social Assessment-Choosing the Right Relationships

-Developing Emotional Intelligence/ Resilience Part I (Awareness, Control & Expression)

-Developing Emotional Intelligence Resilience Part II (Awareness, Control & Expression)

-Identifying & Breaking Bad Habits

-The Importance of Taking Personal Responsibility

-The POWER of Self: (Awareness, Esteem, Discipline, Motivation)

-The Power of Choice (Your Will)

-The Skill of Overcoming Obstacles

-Building Confidence

-Failing Forward

-Healing from Past Pains, Hurts & Failures (Trauma)

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"IGNITE"- Leadership Development Training

*IGNITE Objectives

-To cultivate a strong sense of leadership identity in participants.

-To assist participants in becoming more confident, productive and effective leaders for any leadership opportunity.

-To assist participants in discovering, assessing and or developing their leadership qualities, skills and principles.

-To train participants in vital strategies essential to increasing their leadership influence.

-To actively engage participants in various practical community leadership learning opportunities and experiences.

"IGNITE" - Training Topics

Introduction- IGNITE Leadership

The Principles of Leadership (Assessment) , The Qualities of Leadership (Assessment) , The Skills of Leadership (Assessment)

Part 1- IGNITE Leadership Qualities

-The Quality of Vision

-The Quality of Optimism/Hope

-The Quality of Commitment

-The Quality of Perseverance

-The Quality of Resilience

-The Quality of Creativity

-The Quality of Compassion/Empathy

-The Quality of Courage/Confidence

-The Quality of Patience

-*Community Service Project

Part 2- IGNITE Leadership Principles

-The Principle of Character

-The Principle of Stewardship/Management

-The Principle of Accountability

-The Principle of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding

-The Principle of Right Thinking, Attitude and Speaking

-The Principle of Self Governance

-The Principle of Work Ethic

-The Principle of Rest

-*Community Service Project

Part 3- Leadership Skills

-The Skill of Effective Communication

-The Skill of Conflict Resolution

-The Skill of Decision Making

-The Skill of Problem Solving

-The Skill of Goal Setting

-The Skill of Planning

-The Skill of Organization 

-The Skill of Connecting

-The Skill of Failing Forward

-*Community Fundraising Project

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NUCLEUS Course Objectives:

-To assist participants in establishing a strong spiritual foundation to stand and build their life upon.

-To assist participants in gaining a deeper understanding of core biblical principles

-To assist participants in developing effective strategies to applying core biblical principles in their life.

"NUCLEUS" - Training Topics

-Understanding the: Father, Son, Holy Spirit & Satan

-Understanding YOU (Body, Spirit & Soul)

-Understanding Sin, Repentance & Salvation

-Understanding Grace & Truth

-Understanding The Great Commission (Witnessing Assessment)

-Understanding The 10 Commandments/Greatest Commandment

-Understanding Love

-Understanding Faith

-Understanding The Word

-Understanding Prayer

-Understanding Authority

-Understanding Giving

-Understanding Humility

-Understanding Forgiveness

-Understanding Abiding

-Understanding Rest

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