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Thank you for your expressed interest in our IGNITE  Leadership Development Course. Our EMPOWERMENT training services and programs are custom designed to  help participants strengthen their character, skills, competencies and abilities so they can OVERCOME the causes of their behavior, exclusion, suffering and limitations.   Everything you need to know about  IGNITE can be found on this page.  Please take a few minutes to learn about this course by carefully reading through ALL of the information below.

“IGNITE”  consists of innovative and effective training in Leadership: Qualities, Principles, Skills and Community Impact. IGNITE is guaranteed to EMPOWER by engaging you in experiences that will enrich, enhance and develop, your leadership ability.

IGNITE Leadership Course Objectives

- To cultivate a strong sense of leadership identity in participants.

- To assist participants in becoming more confident, productive and effective leaders for any leadership opportunity.

- To assist participants in discovering, assessing and or developing their leadership qualities, skills and principles

- To train participants in vital strategies essential to increasing their leadership influence.

- To actively engage participants in various practical leadership learning opportunities and experiences.

IGNITE Leadership Course Outcomes

-Participants will exhibit awareness, knowledge, and understanding of vital leadership principles, skills and qualities.

-Participants will demonstrate the ability to be more confident, productive and effective leaders in any leadership setting.

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IGNITE Leadership Qualities

Week 1- Intro to The Qualities, Principles & Skills of Leadership

Week 2- Leadership Qualities Assessment

Week 3- The Quality of Vision

Week 4- The Quality of Optimism/Hope

Week 5-  The Quality of Commitment

Week 6-  The Quality of Perseverance

Week 7-  The Quality of Resilience

Week 8-  The Quality of Creativity

Week 9- The Quality of Compassion/Empathy

Week 10- The Quality of Courage/Confidence

Week 11- The Quality of Patience

Week 12-   Community Service Project

IGNITE Leadership Principles

Week 13-   Leadership Principles Assessment

Week 14-  The Principle of Character

Week 15-  The Principle of Stewardship/Management

Week 16-  The Principle of Accountability

Week 17-  The Principle of Knowledge,

Wisdom and Understanding

Week 18-  The Principle of Right Thinking, Attitude and Speaking

Week 19-  The Principle of Self Governance

Week 20-  The Principle of Work Ethic

Week 21-  The Principle of Rest

Week 22-  *Community Encouragement Event

IGNITE Leadership Skills

Week 23-    Leadership Skills  Assessment

Week 24-  The Skill of Effective Communication

Week 25-  The Skill of Conflict Resolution

Week 26-  The Skill of Decision Making

Week 27-  The Skill of Problem Solving

Week 28-  The Skill of Goal Setting

Week 29-  The Skill of Planning

Week 30-  The Skill of Organization

Week 31-  The Skill of Administering Discipline

Week 32-  The Skill of Motivating/Inspiring

Week 33-  The Skill of Connecting

Week 34-  The Skill of Failing Forward

Week 35-  *Community Fundraising Project

*Ignite Completion Ceremony

*IGNITE is offered in a Classroom Setting or on a Personal (One-on-One) Training Session.

You decide which training experience BEST suits your Empowerment needs! 

Classroom (Group) Course Training

• Registration & book fee: $150

• Tuition is $2500 per student

• Classes are 3 hours in length.

• Total of 35 classes taken over a 6 month period

• Classes are 1x weekly .

• IGNITE starts at predetermined time & dates throughout the year 

• Each participant will be assigned a career professional as a mentor.

• Participants' learning is measured through homework, quizzes and tests.

• Participants experience  a 3 Day/2 Night Leadership Field Trip   (Extra fee will apply)

• Participants have the option to participate in quarterly Community Engagement  Opportunities.

• Ignite features a Mid Term Awards & Course Completion Ceremony.

Personal (One-on-One) Training

• Starts when you schedule your first session and ends when you complete the amount of  sessions you register for.

• Registration & book fee: $150

• Youth Sessions (17 & under)=$50 / Adult Sessions (18+)= $100

• Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length

• Clients choose specific IGNITE topics according to his/her personal training needs.

• Clients can schedule up to 2 sessions weekly.

• You can begin the coaching/mentoring sessions at your convenience.  

• Clients have the option to participate in a quarterly Community Encouragement & Impact Event

• Clients' learning is measured through homework assignments and evaluations.

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