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Thank you for your expressed interest in our IMPACT Personal Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Accountability program. Our EMPOWERMENT training services and programs are custom designed to help participants strengthen their character, skills, competencies and abilities so they can OVERCOME the causes of their behavior, exclusion, suffering and limitations. Everything you need to know about IMPACT can be found on this page. Please take a few minutes to learn about this course by carefully reading through ALL of the information below.

IMPACT is nine-month innovative and effective PERSONAL empowerment training, coaching and mentoring service designed to help keep middle school, high school and college students focused, accountable and successful during the school year.

IMPACT Course Objectives

-To challenge students in setting personal goals that will allow them to succeed in a school year. (academic, athletic, emotional, social, spiritual, mental & physical)

-To help students create effective strategies (plans/processes) to achieve their goals.

-To help students establish a life support system of youth and adult mentors to hold them accountable to applying their strategies and ultimately attaining their goals.

-To assist participant’s in strengthening core competencies (behavior, attitude, confidence etc.) essential to succeeding in life.

-To be a youth development resource to parents...IT REALLY DOES TAKE A VILLAGE!

Impact School Year Coaching, Training & Mentoring Schedule: 1st & 3rd Saturdays

September- 1st Saturday- 9am-12pm

September- 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

         *September Connection

October- 1st Saturday- 9am-12pm

October- 3rd Saturday - 9am-12pm

            *October- Connection

November- 1st Saturday - 9am-12pm

November- 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

December- 1st Saturday - 9am-12pm

December- 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

*December- Community Service Project

January- 1st Saturday - 9am-12pm

January 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

             *January Connection

February- 1st Saturday - 9am-12pm

February- 3rd Saturday - 9am-12pm

*February- Community Service Project

March- 1st Saturday- 9am-12pm

March- 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

         *March Connection

April- 1st Saturday - 9am-12pm

April – 3rd Saturday - 9am-12pm

May- 1st Saturday- 9am-12pm

May- 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

             *May- Field Trip

June- 1st Saturday- 9am-12pm

June- 3rd Saturday- 9am-12pm

   *June- Completion Party

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