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Thank you for your expressed interest in our IGNITE Leadership Development Course Training.  Everything you need to know about this course can be found on this page.  Please take a few minutes to learn about this course by carefully reading through all of the information below.

IGNITE is a 6-month tuition-based course study with a specific focus on training in: leadership principles, skills and community impact.

IGNITE Course Topics

The Principle & Skill of:

• Accountability

• Character

• Conflict Resolution

• Connecting

• Courage

• Creativity

• Decision Making

• Diligence

• Effective Communication

• Failing Forward

• Implementation

• Innovation

• Leadership

• Learning

• Listening

• Management

• Motivating

• Overcoming/Perseverance

• Patience

• Planning

• Problem Solving

• Rest

• Right Attitude

• Right Speaking

• Right Thinking

• Teamwork

• Training

• Vision

                              *Public Speaking Note:  We can facilitate camps, seminars and workshops on individual IGNITE topics.

                             IGNITE Course Objectives

• To help students enhance their capacity to lead themselves first and then others.

• To help students gain confidence and character to lead in any life setting.

• To help students develop the necessary skills and principles to be a successful leader.

• To train and produce effective leaders for community impact.

*IGNITE is offered in a Classroom Setting or on a Personal (One-on-One) Training Session.  

You decide which experience suits your needs best!

                Classroom (Group) Course Training

*The next IGNITE Group Training Starts 2-7-16 & Ends 8-14-16.

• Classroom Course Training- (Group)

• Registration & book fee: $100

• Tuition is $2500 per student

• Classes are 3 hours in length

• Participants complete 28 classes over a 6 month period

• Classes are 1x weekly (Sundays 3pm-6pm)

• Each participant will be assigned a career professional as a mentor

• Participants' learning is measured through homework assignments and tests.

• Participants experience 2 Leadership Field Trips: 2-days in Richmond, VA & 3-days in Washington, D.C.

• Participants organize Community Practicums: 2-Community Service & 2- Community Fundraising Events

• Participants Award Ceremonies: Midterm (Achievement Awards) and Graduation (Certificate of Leadership)

• Participants receive an IGNITE t-shirt

Personal (One-on-One) Empowerment Training

• Personal (One-on-One) starts when you schedule your first session and ends when you complete the sessions you register for.

• Client chooses the specific IGNITE topics according to his/her personal training needs.

• Clients can schedule up to 2 sessions weekly

• Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length

• Registration & book fee: $100

• Youth Sessions (17 & under)=$30 / Adult Sessions (18+)= $50

• Clients have the option to participate in a quarterly Community Encouragement & Impact Event • Clients' learning is measured through homework assignments and evaluations.

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