IMPACT Syllabus - The Catalyst Effect


DISCOVER Program Description: Our New and Innovative Discover program is derived from a Proverbial truth that states: The purposes/plans in a (person's) heart is like a deep well, but a (person) of understanding/insight will draw them out. Discover is a 3-month tuition-based course study designed to assist participants in discovering something new (skills, interests, gifts, values, passion, etc.) about themselves, so they can become more involved, intentional and effective in life.

DISCOVER Objectives: • To help participants draw out the plans & purposes of their heart. • To help participants learn something new (life skills, values & interests) about themselves. • To cultivate a strong sense of identity in participants. • To motivate participants to live their life in and on purpose.

DISCOVER Outcomes: Participants should have a greater awareness of their personal life skills, interest and values. Participants should be able to clearly articulate their passions and dreams and know how to create strategies to accomplish them. Participants should have an understanding of how to live life in and on purpose.

DISCOVER Materials:  Each participant is asked to come to each class or session prepared. They will need their class binder (provided) and pen or pencil.

DISCOVER Requirements: Regular attendance, active participation and a good attitude are a vital component for success in “DISCOVER.”

*Personal Life Discovery Orientation

*Book & Registration

Session 1- Health & Wellness Assessment 

Session 2- Social Assessment

Session 3- Personality Assessment 

Session 4- DISC Assessment 

Session 5-Spiritual Gifts Assessment- (Youth) 

Session 6- Life Resources, Skills, Interest & Values Assessment 

Session 7-  Learning Style I & II 

Session 8-  Intelligence Assessment 

Session 9-  Life Discovery Chart 

Session 10-  FLAG Assessment 

Session 11-  Create Personal Vision 

Session 12-  Create Personal Mission Statement 

Session 13-  Create Personal S.W.O.T. 

Session 14-  Create Personal Core Values 

Session 15-  Create Personal Work Ethic 

Session 16-  Create Faith Confession (+Affirmations)

Completion Party for group training

Completion Dinner for Personal Training Clients

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