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Thank you for your expressed interest in our NUCLEUS Spiritual Growth & Development Course. Our EMPOWERMENT training services and programs are custom designed to  help participants strengthen their character, skills, competencies and abilities so they can OVERCOME the causes of their behavior, exclusion, suffering and limitations.   Everything you need to know about  Nucleus can be found on this page.  Please take a few minutes to learn about this course by carefully reading through ALL of the information below.

NUCLEUS is a tuition-based, 3-month spiritual growth & development course study designed to impact and transform the core (body, soul, spirit, mind) of who you are.

NUCLEUS Course Objective

-To help students build a strong spiritual foundation to stand and build upon through

the teaching and training in practical application of Core Biblical principles.

NUCLEUS Course Topics

Understanding The Role of:

• Purpose Vs. Function

• Authority

• Commission

• Faith

• Forgiveness

• Giving

• God, Jesus, Holy Spirit & Satan

• Humility

• Identity

• Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom

• Love

• Obedience

• Personal Responsibility

• Personal Will

• Prayer

• Repentance

• Suffering

• The Word

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*NUCLEUS is offered in a Classroom Setting or on a Personal (One-on-One) Training Session.

You decide which training experience suits your Empowerment needs best!

Classroom (Group) Course Training

*NUCLEUS Starts TBA and Ends TBA

• Registration & book fee: $100

• Tuition is $350 per student

• Classes are 2.5 hours in length

• Total of 15 classes taken over a 3 month period

• Classes are 1x weekly (Tuesdays 6pm-8: 30pm)

• NUCLEUS starts at predetermined time & dates throughout the year (see website:

• Each participant will be assigned a career professional as a mentor

• Participants' learning is measured through homework assignments and tests.

• Participants experience: • 2-Day Reflection and Review Retreat. (Extra fee will apply)

• Participants have the option to participate in a quarterly Community Encouragement & Impact Event

• NUCLEUS features a Course Completion Ceremony

Personal (One-on-One) Training

• Starts when you schedule your first session and ends when you complete the sessions you register for.

• Registration & book fee: $100

• Youth Sessions (17 & under)=$50 / Adult Sessions (18+)= $100

• Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length

• Clients choose specific NUCLEUS topics according to his/her personal training needs.

• Clients can schedule up to 2 sessions weekly

• You can begin the coaching/mentoring sessions at your convenience

• Clients have the option to participate in a quarterly Community Encouragement & Impact Event

• Clients' learning is measured through homework assignments and evaluations.

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