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CommUNITY Engagement

Actively engaging youth and adults in

Community Service, Violence Prevention, Intervention, & Post-vention initiatives.

Our Mission:

• To bring community awareness to the Silence Empowers Violence…Break The Code message and movement.

• To empower youth and adults to create effective and comprehensive violence prevention, intervention, and post vention, community engagement initiatives and/or opportunities centered around the Silence Empowers Violence…Break The Code movement.

(Please take a few minutes to learn more about our Silence Empowers Violence...Break The Code  violence prevention efforts below.)

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Silence Empowers Violence...Break The Code! 

(A collaborative, Nationwide, youth-led movement facilitated by the Catalyst CommUNITY Care & Action Team)

About Silence Empowers Violence…Break The Code!

*THE PROBLEM: In Newport News, Virginia and many other cities across the nation, communities are experiencing high volumes of unreported and unsolved violent crime. Researchers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics have attributed this problem to codes of silence, fear of reprisal, desensitization to violence, lack of cooperation with law enforcement, sense of apathy, distrust of law enforcement and the poisonous stop snitching/snitches get stitches motto. 

*OUR ANSWER: The “Silence Empowers Violence...Break the Code” movement was created by The Catalyst Effect to combat the "codes" that stagnate or stop violent crimes from being reported or solved. It also was created be the ANTIDOTE for the “stop snitching/snitches get stitches” epidemic. 

*Silence EMPOWERS Violence is about bringing community AWARENESS to the fact that not speaking up or taking action when one becomes a victim or witness of a crime, gives the perpetrator(s) permission, power, and a place to continue these behaviors to the detriment of a community.

*Break The Code is about ENGAGEMENT & ACTION. The Catalyst Effect team actively engages willing participants in YOUTH-LED, Catalyst Community Care & Action Teams. These teams are ENCOURAGED & EMPOWERED to break the code of silence when it comes to violence  by being a voice for those who are too afraid to speak up or take action in such situations and by taking a public stand against violent crime in their respective communities.  They also create violence PREVENTION, INTERVENTION and POST-VENTION community engagement initiatives/opportunities.*What are The Codes?: Silence, Snitches get Stitches, Bystander Effect, Fear to Act, Turning a Blind Eye/Deaf Ear, Not Caring or Cooperating!

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Silence Empowers Violence at Newport News Public Schools "RISE" Young Men's Conference

Silence EMPOWERS Violence...Break The Code News Media Coverage

Community Champion Officer Tommy Norman

Community Champion Chief Melvin Russel

Silence EMPOWERS Violence PSA

Tomorrow's News PSA- Makes You Think!

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Silence EMPOWERS Violence Youth Symposium (Daily Press Article)

WTKR 3 "Break The Code" Community Awareness Event

About the Catalyst Community Care & Action Team

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*Youth & Adults Wanted: We are looking for youth ages 10-18 who have the Character, Will and Desire to make a community impact. We are also looking for committed adults,  who have a passion to see youth empowered, encouraged and engaged to function as CCCAT Mentors, Resources and Catalysts

*Silence Empowers Violence  Areas of Interest: 1. Creative Expressions Team, 2. Community Service Team,  Anti: 3. Gang, 4. Bullying, 5. Suicide, 6. Drug & Alcohol, 7. Human Trafficking, 8. Sexual Assault, 9. Domestic Violence and 10. Child Abuse Teams

*How the Catalyst CommUNITY Care & Action Teams Works

• Participants (Youth & Adult) must complete a CCCAT application and agree to a 1-year commitment working in one of the Silence Empowers Violence areas of interest listed above.

• Participants must commit to meet  EVERY Tuesday from 6pm-8m. for CCCAT training, team building, and  strategic planning sessions. 

• Participants must be willing to organize and facilitate: 2- S.E.V. Community Events, Monthly Community Service Projects and 2- Fundraisers per year.

• Participants will experience 2-4 leadership field trips per year.

Join our Catalyst CommUNITY Care & Action Team!

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The S.E.V. Action Team Visited Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD to meet with the Baltimore Police Department for our annual violence prevention training and community service.

Youth ages 10-17, parents, educators, law enforcement, clergy, city officials, and various community focused organizations and individuals attended the 1st Annual Silence Empowers Violence Youth Symposium. The Symposium featured guest presenters on various forms of violence, Real Talk Forums, Break Out Sessions, and a Youth Call To Action! The ultimate goal of the symposium was to bring awareness to the Silence Empowers Violence…Break the Code movement AND create violence prevention, intervention and post-venation youth-led community care & actions teams!

Silence Empowers Violence Community Care & Action Team members spent 3 days & 2 nights in Baltimore receiving violence prevention and intervention training. These trainings were facilitated by various community leaders, activists, law enforcement and government officials.

Teen leaders from The Catalyst Effect and Silence Empowers Violence Community Care & Action teams partnered with the Department of Human Services Youth Services team on an "Alcohol Free" " Drug Free"  Community Art Project.  The teams were tasked with facilitating peer to peer trainings and  designing a positive anti-alcohol and drug message on the hood of a car and display it in in the community to spread awareness! 

Silence Empowers Violence Community Care & Action Team members facilitated surveys to families who attended the Newport News Community Family Forum and Resource Fair sponsored by Newport News Public Schools.

Silence Empowers Violence youth action team participants sharing the Vision & Mission of the Community Care & Action Teams at the Urgency of Now Symposium.

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